Yoga for Posture – 27 – Supergirl

Not all yoga poses are good for posture, and likewise not all posture exercises are yoga. For instance, I wandered off the yoga for posture reservation first with the chin tuck and then with the upright shoulder release.

When I did the upright shoulder release, I mentioned it can also be done as a yoga posture, called The Supergirl. I know I drop pop culture references at you, and I’m sure this is a pop culture reference, but to be honest, I can’t be assed to look it up. Go ahead if you want to.

Anyway, The Supergirl

One of the main postural problems is rounded shoulders, which comes from a combination of weak back muscles, and tight shoulder and chest muscles. We’ve done a crap ton of stuff for shoulder strength; planks, side planks, bear and this particular form of self-torture.

For stretching we’ve done scorpion twist for the pectoral muscles (major and minor), and the upright shoulder stretch for the rest of the shoulder. Supergirl is a prone option replacement for the upright shoulder stretch, with the added benefit of a bit of lumbar strengthening.


Begin by lying on your stomach:

  • Forehead on the floor, arms at your sides
  • Reach your arms behind you, hands on your butt
  • Interlace your fingers, palms together
  • Straighten your wrists and elbows
  • Gently lift your hands up from your low back
    • Do this while keeping your wrists and elbows straight
  • As you lift your hands, raise your chest and legs from the floor
    • Some instructors will tell you to keep your feet together.
      • This is bullshit.
      • Your hip/lumbar structure may not allow you to keep your feet together
      • Keep your toes pointed, and pull in on your inner thighs, but don’t worry about your feet touching
    • Raise your chin until your eyes are level
      • Unless this pinches in your neck
        • If so, lower your chin back down
        • The idea is to release your shoulders, not hurt your neck
      • Hold for 30 seconds

This will give you a marvelous release for your shoulders, helping to reduce any problems they have with internal rotation. In addition, you get a nice little back bend, from head to tailbone.