That’s Enough of the Yoga for Posture Blather, for Now

Yesterday I posted my third update to a series I’ve been doing on getting my yoga-for-back-pain-and-posture daily routine back to normal. I think with this update, it’s time to lay that bad boy to rest.


Because the form of the routine I gave you yesterday is pretty much it, that’s what I do on back pain and posture days.

“Back pain and posture days, Andrew?”

Yes, because I don’t actually do that routine every day, I do it on alternate days.

“But Andrew, you said your “daily” yoga routine.

Yes, indeed. And I do, in fact, do a yoga routine every day (unless I need, as with Monday this week) to take a day off yoga because I put more than enough stress on my body doing other things.

The thing is, I don’t have a yoga routine, I have 2 yoga routines. The first is for back pain, spine mobility and posture. The second is for core strength.

Now that I’ve got the back/posture routine back to normal, it’s time to start rebuilding the core strength routine.

But that is a story for tomorrow.