I’ve Almost Got the Yoga Back to Normal

Well, we’re only 3…actually 4 days into my resetting my yoga routines back to normal.

Snow Day

Why 4, not 3? Because yesterday we got about 9 inches of global warming here in south central Ontario. That meant I had two little problems with getting back into my routine. First, it was a “snow day.”

When I was a kid, snow days were rare beasts. I’m not sure we got one every year, and the fuzziness of memory leaves me thinking that there was more snow back then. Certainly we didn’t whimper and hide from a few flakes of the cold white stuff, not like the pussies we are today.

Anyway, nowadays, while we haven’t gone all S. Carolina, closing the schools for an inch of the stuff, it does seem like we’re far more inclined to err on the side of giving the teachers another paid day off.

At least until COVID.

Heh, heh, heh. The teachers unions whined about the imagined dangers of COVID spread in the classrooms, the kids’ educations, mental and emotional health and development be damned, and got their wish. A paycheck without actual work.

That has backfired upon them at least to the extent that snow days are now remote teaching days, and the poor, overworked (snork) dears no longer get snow days off. Nope, now they have to teach, even when the buildings are closed. Almost like a real job, minus the performance requirements, accountability. full work days and only 4(ish) weeks of vacation.

But I digress. The point of all this is, the boys (theoretically) had school. Sadly, a server fire in Quebec (why is it always fucking QUEBEC?) took down DSL internet for massive chunks of Ontario and Quebec, including mine. No remote school for the boys.

Which meant ol’ Daddy had to keep a closer eye on them than normal.

Add in removing 9 inches of global warming from the cars, driveway and sidewalks, and Andrew found he got himself plenty of exercise, even in the absence of yoga.

How much exercise? My Apple watch normally lasts 2 days between charges. I got so much movement in yesterday that I had to charge that bad boy up when I arose this morning.

So, no yoga yesterday. Today, on the other hand:

  • 2 minutes breathing (in corpse pose)
  • neutralize the spine
  • prime the hip joints
  • 30 seconds core brace
  • articulate the spine
  • neutralize the spine
  • dead bug, 5x per side
  • neutralize the spine
  • 10 reps bridges, calf lifts and pulses
  • dead bug, 5x per side
  • neutralize the spine
  • spine twist and shoulder reach in bridge pose
  • neutralize the spine
  • 10 reps baby cobra
  • 30 seconds puppy pose
  • 10 seconds bear
  • 10 reps baby cobra with single leg raise mod, puppy, bear
  • 10 straight armed pushup
  • 10 reps baby cobra with double leg raise mod, puppy, bear
  • 5 t-spine twists in table top, each side
  • 30 seconds stretch for pec minor, both sides
  • 30 seconds sphinx
  • neutralize the spine
  • 2 minutes breathing (in corpse pose)