Give it a Proper Chance First, Before You Choose What’s Next

Give it a proper chance, before you choose what to do.

I have always enjoyed a good, hard, sweaty workout, which is probably why I fell in love with Bikram hot yoga my very first class. The stress and strain, panting in the heat, sweat pouring off me, leaving a puddle around my my matt.

I loved it all.

In time, I joined the front row guys, going regularly enough that the teachers would occasionally point out one or another of my postures as what to emulate. This meant sometimes newbies would ask me how I did it. My advice to them was always the same; one class at a time, one posture at a time, one breath at a time. Just show up and concentrate on doing the next thing.

And then I would usually tell them, yeah, that first class is hard, but it gets easier. Give it a proper go, three times a week for at least a month, before you decide whether it’s for you, or not.

My psychologist tells me that it takes six weeks to form a habit, and one of my business and writing inspirations gives the advice to get incrementally better; show up every day with the aim of being one percent better than yesterday.

So show up four times a week for a month and you’re 15-20% better than when you start.

Write every day, and in three months you’re 100% better, twice as good.

But, whatever you’re trying to accomplish, you won’t get the transformation if you don’t give it a proper chance before you choose.