Well, That Was Tiring. Good Thing I’ve Been Exercising

This year Mother’s Day has been a little unusual.

Wifey won an award at work, and the presentation party was Thursday. They make a big deal out of this, giving the winners a couple days off, and putting them up in a hotel in Toronto.

Normally, my sister in law comes up for celebration weekends, and as my father in law no longer drives, and as there’s no z(convenient) public transit to get back to Toronto on Sundays, wifey now drives her home.

But, in on Wednesday, out on Friday and then the round trip on Sunday, especially given it was Mother’s Day, seemed a bit much, so she had her parents and the boys ride the GO train in on Friday night, and they had a big day in Toronto with their aunt and grandparents.

I, being allergic to Toronto, did not go.

Instead, on Saturday I got up after a bit of a lie in (about 7:50) and got to work. For pretty much the whole day.

Everything was going fine until I spent an hour weeding and prepping the flower beds to plant the Canna Lilies. Once I was done, I was done. I could feel a little prick in my lumbar spine telling me that, if I did any more, I was going to regret it.

So I stopped the outside work and got to spring cleaning, and ended up working harder this weekend than I have any day this year that didn’t involve shoveling snow.

A decent night’s sleep later and I’m a little worn, but otherwise fine. Including my back.

It’s a damned good thing I’ve been exercising myself back into shape, or the bill would have been a lot higher.