Continuing to Push Through the Recovery Pain and DOMS

Lately I’ve been rhapsodizing about getting back to the real, and also about the pains of delayed onset muscle stiffness (DOMS). In general, I simply push through muscle soreness because, well, I’m as tough as old shoe leather, and I was raised in a time, and in a way where boys didn’t complain, they simply soldiered on.

Sunday was pond hockey day with the boys. One of the great things about kids is, before they’re even 6 months old, each is an individual, already showing the signs of his unique personality. On the ice, each of my boys displayed his nature, as they struggled through their own DOMS issues.

Why did they have DOMS? Well, to be honest, only two of them did, and that story is over here.

We start with Kid 2. Why? Because after two consecutive days of beginner weight training, he’s got some sore muscles. Out on the pond, he was contending with sore feet, and a sore back. Being both a determined little boy, and a considerate little boy, he took breaks as necessary to extend his time on the ice so as to get his best workout, the most fun, and to not shorten the game for his brothers.

Kid 1 will play as long as it’s fun, and when the fun begins to run down, he tends to look for the next thing. As Kid 2 was starting to wane, Kid 1 was still having fun. I knew Kid 2 was done, and asked if he could take Kid 2 home. Now, he’s a sweet boy, and a terrific big brother, so we sawed the baby in half. He played some more, and got Kid 2 to play some more in boots, rather than on skates.

Then after a bit, off they went.

Kid 3 is as crazy as his ol’ Daddy. He only came off the pond when everyone else was done, including the neighbour boy who showed up 1/2 an hour into our game. If I’d let him, he’d probably have stayed there and played alone. I didn’t let him

After we came home, it was time for day three of getting my spine back. Like day two, it was a gentle ramp up of the previous day:

  • 2 minutes breathing (in corpse pose)
  • neutralize the spine
  • prime the hip joints
  • 30 seconds core brace
  • articulate the spine
  • neutralize the spine
  • dead bug, 5x per side
  • neutralize the spine
  • 10 reps bridges, calf lifts and pulses
  • dead bug, 5x per side
  • neutralize the spine
  • 10 reps baby cobra
  • 30 seconds puppy pose
  • 10 seconds bear
  • 10 reps baby cobra with single leg raise mod, puppy, bear
  • 10 straight armed pushup
  • 10 reps baby cobra with double leg raise mod, puppy, bear
  • 30 seconds stretch for pec minor, both sides
  • 30 seconds sphinx
  • neutralize the spine
  • 2 minutes breathing (in corpse pose)

Yet again, not a particularly strenuous routine, but still another moderate ramping up of the intensity.